Gamdron II Origin

Back in january 2012 BoB and I made plans for a space-themed project, which should be located on a imaginary, less known planet with a special surface, as well as a completely different ecosystem. So I built a prototype of the surface, which is shown on the scene above. On the picture you can see a probe of the Terran Confederation observing the surface of Gamdron II. This pictures was meant to be the teaser for upcoming events on this planet, but the timing didn’t worked out. So I thought I might showing it to you now, altough it is on my flickr streams since 24th of january 2012.

When I built the first impression of the surface structure, BoB and I were really pleased with the result and started building a project together on a weekend in february. This project was pushed back to an unknown time, because we realized that one weekend isn’t by far enough, it is difficult for us to spare some time and moreover we are living 200 km apart. Despite saying that there was still someting going on in that invented environment: BoB named the planet Gamdron II (rather he nor I can remember why) and created some scenes with it.

You can find all articles about the topic in the category Terran Confederation and you can definitely expect something more going on on Gamdron II in the future.

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